Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrities and Favorite Actors....

OK people today we will talk about a whole different topic. No more boring topics ok? (^_^) I'm curious to find out every bodies favorite Celebrity or Actor. Please tell me WHY?? and What has he/she done to create a positive view in your life??? please enjoy!

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  1. For example, my favorite Actor is Tom Hanks and he has influenced me to become a better person. There is Something about Tom that emits an aura of happiness to me. It might be his style of acting, his presence on camera or his persona.

    A celebrity that intrigues me the most and I have the utmost respect for is GACKT-Sama! I consider him a pioneer on the forefront of the fashion and music industry. He embodies the word "ARTIST"! in addition to this he is a very elegant, classy and smart man. His Music is unique and powerful.GACKT will forever remain a part of my memories for as long as I live!